☀️ White Tantric

☀️ White Tantric

Outside of natural homebirth, this has been the most powerfully energetic experience I’ve ever had. Just being present brought me to tears. I went to a Summer Solstice in Espanola, New Mexico with my youngest son. I completed my teacher training throughout the entirety of my pregnancy with him. Thousands of yogis gather together to celebrate each solstice to practice kundalini yoga and meditation. Energetically, I have to say it is an intense and beautiful event.

There are White Tantric events held all over the world. At any given event, it isn’t uncommon to meet people from all over the world, as well. This is an incredibly unique energy healing experience. I look forward to the Solstices every year simply because of the beauty that comes with White Tantric yoga.

☀️ Mantra

☀️ Mantra

Mantra is a powerful and repeated spoken prayer, either aloud or internally. This can also be done alone or in a group. It can be done at any time of the day, but the Amrit Vela, or just before sunrise, is the most powerful time to use mantra. There are a number of mantras across different cultures and religions, so there is something for everyone. Those who practice mantra are using words to incite energy or manifestation. Even things like repeating Bible versus can be considered the use of mantra.

🌱 Yoga & Meditation

🌱 Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are ancient forms of healing, but I do believe that yoga that hasn’t been adulterated by the West is a very advanced form of energy healing for many people. I have found that a lot of people in our culture struggle to practice it regularly, if at all. It is very counter to what is considered normal and valuable here. However, it can be an extremely powerful practice in helping you both align with your personal energy and learn how to use your own energy in meeting your goals.

Becoming conscious of the inner workings of both our body and mind can be transformative, especially if created into a daily awareness practice. I think that this daily self care and awareness is paramount to our ability to reach our fullest potential as our highest selves.

I Have Dedicated My Life To Others

…And I’m questioning that decision.

I am definitely at a point in my life where I feel like I have nothing left to give, so my only viable choice is to give to myself. I must take time to fill myself up again.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way, so I wanted to give permission to do the same for anyone else feeling completely drained at this point.

It is okay to choose self preservation.

Moving From Darkness to Light

I think every human on earth has spent some time with their shadows this year. Darkness is necessary so that our lights may shine more brightly than before. The most challenging aspect is learning how to navigate when you can see nothing before you. In this, I’ve found stillness to be most impactful.

The struggle here is that the world continues to turn all around you. It’s hard not to get swept up in it. They too are in their shadow. Shadow meeting shadow is always a challenge, so even in interaction, work to be as still as possible. Even in this choice, your darkness may be the brightest light in the room.

I have forgotten to make space to love myself during this shadow period. I am suffering immensely as a result, because to give love, it must come from a deep internal well. It is unfulfilling to seek love outside of yourself and will eventually create a void. That emptiness is a deep, paralyzing hollow feeling that can only be fulfilled by a love far greater than what exists on the human realm. To access it, one must go within and tap into the universal reservoir of loving energy.

Women, Are You Focusing Your Feminine Essence?

This excerpt is from “Inner Engineering” by Sadhguru. Our Kundalini Yoga community was rocked by scandal at the beginning of the year. It has been a very challenging time, to say the least. During that time, I went to Isha Institute and practiced Hatha. It helped me explore my connection to Kundalini, and how I wanted my relationship with it to either expand or contract.

In Kundalini Yoga, we are taught that women hold the frequency. If we want the world to shift, it first begins with us. We must raise our own vibration, our own frequency, and keep it elevated. This can be challenging when we are in crisis, so the practices hold even greater importance during those times.

While I have dropped my complete Sadhana practice in favor of being more present for my young children during our transition to homeschooling, I have still maintained my minimum daily practice. I have also kept many of the lifestyle practices. I appreciate the women’s teachings deeply because they ground me when the world feels like it’s swirling in all directions with me in tow.

I am offering an Overview of the Kundalini Yoga Women’s Teachings on August 10th at 8:00 – 9:30PM CST. The class will be held via Zoom and the cost is $30. To reserve you spot, pay here:

Healing: An Unpredictable Process

My husband is a trained scientist. His first view of the world is very concrete, analytical, mathematical, and scientific. His process is perfected and repeated. His initial tendency is to follow a strict, outlined process to come to a definitive conclusion.

I don’t operate from that perspective, and I’m still working on maintaining my expansive view while also being able to dial down to the intricate details. I work from a view of what is possible. My view tends to be imaginative in nature, posing questions of, “But must it be done THIS way? Why not another way?”

After a decade of marriage to my analytical husband, I recognize this expansive view can sometimes feel frustrating. It ignores a lot of what IS happening. It ignores the mess of human reality. It ignores pain, trauma, and toxicity.

However, maybe “ignore” is not the most appropriate term. Perhaps, “looks past” is a more effective alternative. This expansive view looks past our current reality in order to see a new reality forming. In order to do that, the expansive view must be imagined, then dialed down into our reality so that it can be manifested into creation.

To be successful with this, we have to hold onto what we want our reality to be while also honoring what our current reality is. Most individuals are incapable of doing both, so the need for collaboration, cooperation, and communication is an absolute necessity.

This is the current level of growth that I see humanity needing. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it before. We must release the “me only” mentality. It’s rampant, even among healers, helpers, and spiritual leaders. This mentality has served them, no doubt, but it is no longer serving the collective. It must be released. Learning to listen and respond, work together, and align on our goals is now imperative for human survival. I hope we move to rise up to this space.

I need people that can focus on details. I need people that can take an idea and put concrete steps into place. I need people that understand my vision and help create the process. I need people capable of taking a message and spreading it. I am a visionary. I am not a scientist. I am not a mathematician. It takes profound effort for me to do these things, while I can witness others doing it effortlessly.

This parallel relationship exists in all people. All people lean more in one direction over another. It does not make one person better than another, but it honors your intrinsic abilities so that you can find the right people to collaborate and align with to meet a joined goal.

For this to work, though, we each must focus on our healing. This is how we can create the spaces that are needed. This is how we lay the foundation necessary for our survival. It begins in our individual healing. It moves into our collaborative healing. It deepens as our relationships deepen. When we start understanding ourselves we become more responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and energy. We shift into compassion and love. This process brings us to a new level of consciousness and knowing.

We choose to let go of “me” and move into “we.” Me is a refusal to empathize and understand. We is an understanding to listen, understand, and maintain personal autonomy. It’s possible. It’s my vision. It is coming.

Does HOPE Have Presence In Your Life?

When you’ve spent your whole life in general security around what it means to be alive, being thrust into an entirely definition of that can feel rather disconcerting. It’s hard to know some of the most basic things of what it means to breathe, and I’m choosing this word deliberately. We are being set at odds against one another, which goes against our very nature.

So how do we stop conflict? Each and every one of us stops to listen to the other respectfully. It really is that easy, but unfortunately, for many, that is much easier said than done.

I appreciate children’s stories. In all of my years as a child therapist and not, I realize that all of our struggles are fundamentally the same. Although adults are larger and with more experience, when they aren’t behaving in a rational way, it is their inner child vying for attention usually due to latent childhood wounding resurfacing. Even when I work with adults, I usually approach the healing aspect in a way I would approach a child because that is the origin of our hurt.

I love this Shel Silverstein quote because he reminds us to listen. Listen to the wounded people carrying their wounding with them. Listen as they attempt to share their wounding, even if done inappropriately. However, ultimately listen to the greatest truth of all, yourself, your inner guidance, your truth… and continue on. What these people are doing is building walls where there don’t need to be any. Allow it then move on.