If there is one consistent theme that everyone seems to agree upon for 2020, it is that it has been an unparalleled year of challenge. Each personโ€™s story is different, but much of the underlying messages are the same. If I had to boil it down into one singular lesson that I am consistently observing, it is that we are being pushed into finding a way to sit in duality.

I acknowledge that this is largely challenging for most humans. I have been blessed (?) to have spent the majority of my life experiencing this theme in one form or another. I still would not go so far as to say it is comfortable for me, but I would go so far as to say I have developed methods to cope and conceptualize something so difficult for the ego to really embrace. If we are honest, duality is a painful human experience, but itโ€™s so much of what many of us deny. This is a year where it is (almost) impossible to deny.

Of course, there is always cognitive dissonance, which is deep rooted ego based human denial of reality. We are also seeing that, and it is a normal, albeit damaging, coping tool to refuse to let go of oneโ€™s reality in favor of another one being presented. Our truth is what grounds us, so I have deep empathy here as well. However, my hope and prayer is that many are able to move beyond this space and into a deeper space of not only acceptance, but movement, then momentum. We are in a midst of a human awakening. Shielding ourselves just prolongs the process.

How does one move through such a painful and shaking experience as what many of us have had throughout this year?

There are many ways, but I do think you should choose wisely, and choose centered on peace for self and others. Getting to peace is not always a peaceful process, but holding that as the ultimate end should constantly and consistently radiate from the core of your being, especially during times such as these.

For me, when I am immersed in crisis, I have fold that holding on to my soul self and allowing all other things not meant for me to fall away has always proven to be in my best interest, even if that process creates ego based pain. There is very little we actually need in this world. The vast majority of what we accumulate has little to do with who we are at our being level.

The more this concept is embraced the lighter you become. The lighter you become the more focused you can remain on your path. Light and love to you all. Remember, all things serve a purpose.

I Have Dedicated My Life To Others

…And Iโ€™m questioning that decision.

I am definitely at a point in my life where I feel like I have nothing left to give, so my only viable choice is to give to myself. I must take time to fill myself up again.

I know Iโ€™m not the only one feeling this way, so I wanted to give permission to do the same for anyone else feeling completely drained at this point.

It is okay to choose self preservation.

Moving From Darkness to Light

I think every human on earth has spent some time with their shadows this year. Darkness is necessary so that our lights may shine more brightly than before. The most challenging aspect is learning how to navigate when you can see nothing before you. In this, Iโ€™ve found stillness to be most impactful.

The struggle here is that the world continues to turn all around you. Itโ€™s hard not to get swept up in it. They too are in their shadow. Shadow meeting shadow is always a challenge, so even in interaction, work to be as still as possible. Even in this choice, your darkness may be the brightest light in the room.

I have forgotten to make space to love myself during this shadow period. I am suffering immensely as a result, because to give love, it must come from a deep internal well. It is unfulfilling to seek love outside of yourself and will eventually create a void. That emptiness is a deep, paralyzing hollow feeling that can only be fulfilled by a love far greater than what exists on the human realm. To access it, one must go within and tap into the universal reservoir of loving energy.