Moving From Darkness to Light

I think every human on earth has spent some time with their shadows this year. Darkness is necessary so that our lights may shine more brightly than before. The most challenging aspect is learning how to navigate when you can see nothing before you. In this, I’ve found stillness to be most impactful.

The struggle here is that the world continues to turn all around you. It’s hard not to get swept up in it. They too are in their shadow. Shadow meeting shadow is always a challenge, so even in interaction, work to be as still as possible. Even in this choice, your darkness may be the brightest light in the room.

I have forgotten to make space to love myself during this shadow period. I am suffering immensely as a result, because to give love, it must come from a deep internal well. It is unfulfilling to seek love outside of yourself and will eventually create a void. That emptiness is a deep, paralyzing hollow feeling that can only be fulfilled by a love far greater than what exists on the human realm. To access it, one must go within and tap into the universal reservoir of loving energy.

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