Does HOPE Have Presence In Your Life?

When you’ve spent your whole life in general security around what it means to be alive, being thrust into an entirely definition of that can feel rather disconcerting. It’s hard to know some of the most basic things of what it means to breathe, and I’m choosing this word deliberately. We are being set at odds against one another, which goes against our very nature.

So how do we stop conflict? Each and every one of us stops to listen to the other respectfully. It really is that easy, but unfortunately, for many, that is much easier said than done.

I appreciate children’s stories. In all of my years as a child therapist and not, I realize that all of our struggles are fundamentally the same. Although adults are larger and with more experience, when they aren’t behaving in a rational way, it is their inner child vying for attention usually due to latent childhood wounding resurfacing. Even when I work with adults, I usually approach the healing aspect in a way I would approach a child because that is the origin of our hurt.

I love this Shel Silverstein quote because he reminds us to listen. Listen to the wounded people carrying their wounding with them. Listen as they attempt to share their wounding, even if done inappropriately. However, ultimately listen to the greatest truth of all, yourself, your inner guidance, your truth… and continue on. What these people are doing is building walls where there don’t need to be any. Allow it then move on.

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