Have You Found Your Silver Lining?

I think a significant part of this crisis is to show us where our time and energy is meant to be spent as well as bringing many of us back to our personal power. I believe we are realigning on a massive scale. If you’ve been through this individually, as a unit, or in a community, you know it’s an uncomfortable process.

Have you gained any insight into what you are supposed to be doing with your time? Have you meditated on where you spend your energy? Where are you using your power? Is it in alignment with what you want to do or what you think you should be doing? Are you taking the steps to move from one way of thinking and into another? Above all else, are you being gentle with yourself and others in the process?

Are you doing your inner work? Are you trusting your inner guidance?

If so, where is it taking you?

I am being guided back home to family, to my children, to serve here, to nurture their souls. I have been shown that I have over given, over stretched, and over burdened myself. I have given my power away by serving the needs of others in order to somehow be validated by someone outside of myself. It was a very toxic and a very human pattern to be in. I forgive myself. I also have called all of my power back to me so that I may be in alignment with my soul purpose at this time. I have expressed gratitude for the struggle I have endured and the clarity that I have received throughout this process.

Above all else, I am being gentle with myself and others in the unfolding of this process, holding all in the space of love.

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