Red Tantra: Sexuality as a Spiritual Tool

Date: March 24th @ 7PM
Newsletter Sign Up:
Payment: $10

Our sexuality is the seat to our creativity. It is where all life begins. This energy is one of the most potent forces available to us. The more awareness we bring to our sexuality the more heightened realms of consciousness we are capable of achieving.

This is an inclusive event. These tools can be used by everyone, including singles. All people, orientations, and identities are welcome.

💗We will learn how to utilize our breath more effectively.
💫We will learn to release expectations or blocks.
💗We will learn about additional tools used to deepen our practice.
✨We will learn how to tap into our sacral energy.
💗We will learn how to bring more consciousness to our relationship with others and ourselves.
💫We will learn how to balance the divine energies within ourselves.

Please join us to learn more!

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