The Whole Brain Child Book Review

At the start of this year, I committed to reading a book a month. This has been no easy task to accomplish on top of managing my business and going to homeopathy school. It has definitely been a worthwhile practice, though, as it has helped me expand my knowledge more fully.

For the month of May, I read “The Whole Brain Child” by Dr. Dan Siegel.

If you have never been exposed to psychology or maybe only took high school level psychology, this is a great easy to read book to apply to your child rearing practices. He teaches parents how to cultivate emotional intelligence in their children. This is something that is deeply needed in our current cultural climate.

If, however, you have a background in psychology or have taken college level courses relating to it, the book may feel very redundant. The topics are always relevant and great reminders despite your level of knowledge and may be a great way to re-integrate the knowledge you have previously acquired.

I will be going live in my Facebook group “Emotional Energy Healing” on Wednesday to discuss some of the highlights of the books and how they can be applied to your parenting practice.

This is a subscription only group, but scholarships and trades are offered. Please contact me for additional information on how to join.

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