๐ŸŒฑ Mind/Body/Spirit

๐ŸŒฑ Mind/Body/Spirit

It is part of the human condition to constantly be in a state of growth and transcendence. Existing in this space can be painful, but not existing in this space is definitely painful. We all experience it. No one is exempt from suffering in their life. So, the question is, how do we measure growth? Luckily there are a few ways, but some of my favorites are epigenetics, law of attraction, and enlightenment.

Epigenetics shows us that our choices shapes the expression of our genes, so ultimately you are choosing your healthiest possible genes. You are also then choosing to pass on your highest evolutionary genes onto your offspring. Dropping significant, chronic illnesses is a sign of positive expression of epigenetics. Another good sign is the failure of your negative genes to express themselves. For example, both my mother and brother had already experienced pancreatitis, removal of the gallbladder, stroke, and heart attack by the time they have reached my age. Had I not lived the healthy lifestyle I have lived, it would be highly likely that I would also have experienced these at this point. However, thanks to my consciousness regarding my genes, these illnesses have not manifested in my body.

Law of Attraction speaks to our ability to change our thoughts from the negative to the positive. This is shown in how someone chooses to โ€œself sabotage.โ€ Are they using positive coping skills, positive language, etc.? We attract based on our thoughts, words, and actions. What is reflected in their outer environment? These are all clear markers of health and healing.

And, finally, the best measure of health and healing is how close is the individual to enlightenment? Another way to ask this question is how attached is the individual to their ego? Are they able to view themselves objectively? Do they exist in a growth mindset? Can they step away from emotional attachment? Do they exist in love and empathy?

I look for markers of improvement in each of these realms for everyone I work with. It is a clear reflection of improvement in mind, body, and spirit: my ultimate goal as an emotional energy healer. I like to check in on each of these markers at least quarterly to ensure that healing is occurring.

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