📿 What Does Emotional Energy Healing Look Like?

📿 What Does Emotional Energy Healing Look Like?

Healing is a deeply individual process. No two people heal in the same way. Our healing paths are as unique as our fingerprints. Healing does need to happen from a holistic approach in order for it to be “curative.” Holistic healing looks at and addresses the mind, body, and spirit of an individual. Some people may experience healing crisis, shakti pad, aggravations, etc., although, most healers work hard to avoid this response. It does happen, though, and it is good to be appropriately prepared. On the other side of this, healing can be very subtle and difficult to recognize as well. I strongly encourage anyone on a healing journey to choose a single practitioner to work one on one with so that you can get an unbiased and objective view of your healing process. It isn’t uncommon to “outgrow” a healer and that is perfectly okay to work on finding someone who can deepen the level of your healing. Emotional energy healing, in itself, is a tremendous blessing and a beautiful path to be on.

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