🌱 Crystals

Crystals are another natural element available to us to assist in directing our energy to meet our goals. These are often used to target the chakra system in our body. They can be used to manipulate the energies in our home and other spaces, as well. We keep selenite at our doorway to block negative energy from entering the space, for example.

I wear crystals on my body daily. I use amber for general pain. Many people have seen or heard of this being used in babies for teething through the use of β€œamber teething necklaces.” I also use serpentine to raise my kundalini energy. This just seems appropriate since I am a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. It is always my goal to raise my kundalini energy. I am often seen with or wearing a rose quartz to increase my compassion towards myself and others. Both my husband and my desk are covered in beautiful crystals we have picked up over the years. We feel that these assist us in our work through increasing our consistency, creativity, motivation, etc. We chose crystals to align with these values.

There are an immense number of crystals available to us and they each provide a unique set of healing and protection. I find them very valuable in my life. I am happy to provide guidance on hot crystals may be able to assist you in meeting your goals. There are several amazing local people that have crystals available for sale.

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