🌱 Herbs/Nutrition/Supplements

We have had lots of successful healing in our family thanks to various food based protocols. The most significant healing we experienced was through the GAPS protocol for my middle son. GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. The basis of this protocol is the link between the functioning of the gut and psychological wellness. This has been substantiated by modern science, but it still isn’t well accepted in most forms of allopathic medicine. The research is there and becoming more prevalent, which is a huge win within the field of holistic healing.

Herbs are very mild and wonderfully healing. They are very nutritive as well. You can use them in a variety of ways: teas, infusions, supplements, etc. I keep a wide variety of herbs in my home. We have three cabinets in our kitchen filled with herbs, supplements, ferments, and homeopathic remedies. I have used them successfully to increase breast milk production, heal anemia, lower blood pressure, increase energy, improve healing, etc. Herbs are very cheap and widely available, especially if you choose to grow your own.

We have tried a wide variety of nutritional protocols for healing. I have done The Candida Cleanse, GAPS, Body Ecology Diet, Paleo Diet, Primal Diet, Weston A Price Foundation, Vegetarianism, and Veganism. My middle son and I experienced the most profound physical healing through the GAPS protocol, which is gut healing. My husband, on the other hand, experienced the most profound healing through a Vegan diet. I am a firm believer, that you need to eat right for your body. Everyone has a different genetic make up and will respond to protocols differently. Of course, there are a number of protocols available. This is where it is very valuable to work with someone to match your symptoms with a beneficial protocol. Life coaches, health coaches, herbalists, homeopathists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and many other holistic health practitioners may be able to help advise you on this.

Supplementation can be a very valuable healing modality for many people. This can be especially helpful if your lifestyle inhibits your ability to eat as nutritionally sound as you would like. This can really help fill in any gaps in your diet. Not all supplements are created equal, though. This is another one that may be beneficial to work in conjunct with a knowledgeable holistic health practitioner.

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