🌱 Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is very near and dear to my heart, because it coincided into some of my first ventures of holistic healing.  This was my first deep dive into healing.  I dabbled before, but I didn’t identify with it.  

When I worked as a therapist, I received acupuncture and regular massages.  I wasn’t entirely conscious of the process I was stepping into.  I just knew that these things made me feel better and it sure was nice to feel better in a world that didn’t feel so good.  During that time we kept a garden and had a CSA.  I regularly bought local and natural meats.  However, our healing journey still had quite a ways to go.  We felt better, but we weren’t thriving, which, I think, is everyone’s goal.

Shortly after my middle son was born, we discovered he had serious reactions to vaccines, linking up with having allergic reactions to foods.  It was very terrifying to seek answers and receive none.  We went to so many specialists that didn’t know how to treat him.  They didn’t know how to treat him because it was their medicine that was killing him.  

He has the MTHFR genetic mutation and he could not detox the toxins in vaccines.  There are many, and I empathize so much with the parents that have to experience this trauma.  My oldest son was vaccinated without any real and significant harm.  They are there, but they are subtle.  As an aside, I strongly encourage parents to research vaccinations and know that there are healthier alternatives.  Vaccines operate under the belief that “like cures like.”  This is the basis of homeopathy, however, homeopathy does not contain the toxic additives that vaccines do.  

However, to return to aromatherapy, I met my mentor during one of his vaccine induced reactions.  Despite delaying vaccines and only doing single vaccines at a time, he still experienced a lot of physical trauma.  I carried him almost constantly.  He was very discontent and difficult to manage, due to the pain he felt in his little body.  My mentor owned the only yoga studio in the community that I lived at the time.  She also lived just a couple of neighborhoods down the road from us.  I had heard of her throughout the community well before meeting her in person.  

We were at a holiday market and I was wearing my son.  He would scream out every few minutes, as if in agony.  Neither my husband or I were able to console him, so we started to make our way out.  I had heard of DoTerra and saw the booth.  I slowed down to grab a card on the way out the door.  She also handed me a vial of lavender and told me to rub it on his feet.  

I did as she suggested on the way out the door.  By the time we made it to the car, he was asleep.  I was amazed that something actually calmed him when he was so difficult to calm during these reactions.  I sent her an email that night and visited her home a couple of days later, along with the local health food store owner and a midwife.  We all signed up that day.  They have all gone on to be very successful with adding DoTerra essential oils to their respective businesses.  I also make recommendations for aromatherapy as a part of my business because, while it doesn’t heal the root issue, it is a great way to step out of allopathic medicine.  I can honestly say that we wouldn’t be where we are on our healing journey without DoTerra Essential Oils. 

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