Empathic Listening

☀️Empathic Listening

Empathic listening is one of the most simple, and yet, profoundly healing things a human being can do for another.  If you want to help light up the world, I think this is the primary skill you need.  It seems straight forward, but unfortunately, it simply isn’t.

So many of us listen through a veil of unconsciousness.  We fail to see people as themselves, but instead a filtered version of them through our perceptions.  So many of us enter into communication with preconceived notions, assumptions, etc. that take us away from the present moment.  This stops us short from seeing people as they really are.

This is often also referred to as “holding space” for another.  This is best outlined by the poem “There is a Field” from Rumi.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and rightdoing there is a field.  

I’ll meet you there.

How often have you encountered interactions like this with others in your life?  Unfortunately, not enough.  So, learn this skill and be a light that shines for others.  Create and provide safe and sacred space.  This is where all healing begins. 

In order to listen empathically to others, you must let go of your ego, which is the hardest task we humans have been burdened with.  This is a practice that you can undertake every day of your life.  It will. Need constant honing and perfecting, but it is an extraordinarily valuable healing tool for yourselves and others.

This is what you are paying your therapist for.  There is no guarantee that they are successful in this skill, but this is what you seek when you look for therapy or coaching.  These people commit to creating a space free of judgment so that you can simply be fully yourself in the presence of another human being.

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