🌱 Therapy

Therapy is a very broad term, and it brings forth a different meaning for each person. It is often loaded, and can be associated with a multitude of emotions, both positive and negative. However, for the purpose of this writing, I am going to describe therapy from my practice and experiential perspective. I am going to further bring this type of interaction back to the form of “Emotional Energy Healing.”

By definition, therapy means “treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” Unfortunately, based on my early career in this field, I question the efficacy of our current set up. I’ve met very few people that were happy with the services provided by therapists in the conventional mental health setting. The therapists themselves, may be extremely gifted, but work within an oppressive system of managed care, burdened by the requirements of insurance companies. Undoubtedly, relief and some healing are provided, but the root of individual suffering often fails to be addressed.

I deeply enjoyed working as a therapist. I loved being able to identify with this career path. I loved each child, family, and individual I worked with. To this day, I still think of my clients, wishing them well and sending them love on their journey. Unfortunately, the system in which therapy exists today is both damaging to the practitioner and the receiver of services. This work is being managed as a form of profit through quantity. I believe that therapy should exist in the form of consciousness through quality.

I highly recommend that when people choose to work with a therapist, that they invest their time and resources wisely. If you are in crisis and need help, then by all means, use the system available to you. Express gratitude for insurance and affordable visits, but also acknowledge that the root issue is likely not going to be addressed. You must continue to strive for a depth of healing that will come to you when you are ready.

However, if you are able to afford it, private pay therapists are usually a better time and resource investment. They are able to work with those who seek their assistance without so many restrictions. Licensed therapists offer more oversight and have a governing board. Should any issues arise, this gives you a space to report to, which is very beneficial.

Unlicensed therapists and life coaches also provide tremendous value to this field. Many of these individuals have in depth training that they are able to expand upon through experience. Some of them, as in my case, were also unwilling to work within the restrictive managed care system that our current mental health system exists in. These individuals are more likely to address some of the root issues instead of symptoms. They are able to work with over a longer period of time. They are also able to provide more flexibility and availability.

You will always get the best results when you are able to find someone whose energy aligns with yours. Look for someone who is honest about themselves and their knowledge set. They need to be willing to work collaboratively with other practitioners. They need to be willing to educate themselves regarding your particular needs. They need to help you feel both comfortable and supported while also maintaining firm and clear boundaries. Finally, they need to be able and willing to release you when they have reached their personal capacity to serve you.

Some great facets of therapy that may be beneficial in your own emotional energy healing work may include EMDR, Hypnosis, Imago, and Nonviolent Communication. I am not certified in these, but have experienced each of these modalities or researched them in depth. Depending on where you are in your healing journey, each of these can be very beneficial to you.

EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.” This is a very healing therapy intended to help release deep trauma within the brain. I included this because I have received EMDR and feel that it was beneficial to my healing journey. It works by reprogramming the brain’s processes by stimulating both sides of the brain while verbally replaying your trauma to your therapist. This process was very painful for me because I don’t like to verbalize my personal traumas. Kundalini yoga was shown in several studies to be more effective than EMDR at releasing stored emotional trauma and I didn’t have to verbalize anything. It was a better fit for my personal journey.

Hypnosis is not a treatment that I have personally received. It is something I’m interested in. I feel that it can be a very valuable tool in the healing journey if you struggle to personally reprogram your thoughts. Once this shift occurs, being able to do affirmations and positive self talk can really create a cascade of healing in one’s life. I believe there are several fantastic practitioners in the middle TN area.

Imago is a therapy my husband and I have received and I can honestly say that this therapy has saved our marriage. Hands down, this was some of the most powerful interpersonal healing I have experienced. I can recommend a phenomenal therapist in middle TN. We worked with him, personally, for two years. We intend to go back and also do a consultation with Terrance Real, one of the leaders in this movement. Being able to combine your energy with your partner’s can really catapult you both to where you want to be. Essentially, they train you in how to receive unconditional love from your partner. What a radical, simple, and needed skill for us all to have. One of the biggest struggles I see people experience, is to openly receive the abundance of unconditional love that the Universe is offering them.

Nonviolent Communication is a very amazing resource to have available in any community. This is essentially free group work therapy that is managed by someone trained in leading the group within the volunteer position. Think La Leche League leaders, but for personal growth. I love this because it is accessible to everyone. It attracts all different types. It is an experiential group that allows you to practice your newfound skills in a safe place. You can communicate both honestly and empathetically. These are lifelong skills, and I recommend that everyone at least read The Nonviolent Communication Book.

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