Chaos & Conflict

🌱Chaos & Conflict

Repression of emotional energy is often encouraged within our culture. Our elders model this behavior for us. It is especially prevalent amongst males. As a mother of three boys, I work very hard to shift this emotional model for them. Males can and should be both masculine and emotional. Without that experience they cannot experience true empathy and it cuts them off from intimate human connection. This continues the pervasive nature of narcissism and patriarchy. We have found that this model doesn’t serve us. It is my hope and prayer that the mothers and fathers of my generation take great strides to change this dynamic.

However, due to this deep, ongoing, and generational repression, this buried emotion eventually erupts into chaos and conflict. This is inevitable. As humans, we are only capable of containing so much, lest it destroy us. Some people do choose to repress their emotions so deeply that, perhaps it doesn’t erupt in chaos and conflict outwardly, but rather inwardly, through the mutation of our cells, creating the very dis-ease that leads to their demise.

Others, on the other hand, allow it to flow up and out in an equally unproductive and damaging way. The difference here is that not only does it destroy yourself, it also creates destruction within your environment. A classic evolution of chaos and conflict as a method to release negative energy and pain is domestic violence, bullying, abuse, war, etc. This can be brought full circle, linking us back to the socialization of our males. Emotions, masked and unnamed for so long, begin to show up as anger and aggression. No one has taught these individuals how to identify or process the emotions they experience. However, largely with males, anger and aggression is an acceptable outlet.

The impact of this flow of negative energy can be widespread. Our EQ (Emotional Quotient) is just as important as IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in creating our ability to successfully and maturely navigate our lives. Creating this balance within ourselves and our children will reflect itself in our society as well. Can you imagine a dynamic where each dyad, each partnership, is matched with emotional maturity? It would alleviate so much of the current suffering that exists.

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