What Are the Consequences of NOT Choosing Presence or Mindfulness?

📿What are the Consequences of NOT Choosing Presence or Mindfulness?

A lack of presence or mindfulness in one’s life has consequences far and wide. It impacts each entity you encounter. Being stuck in the “mind” is one of the biggest downfalls of humanity. You are bound to miss so much of what is going on around you, and our environment is a very crucial part of our existence. The single most significant consequence of NOT choosing presence or mindfulness, is to spread your pain and negative energy to others. If you take the time to be present with your emotions, they dissipate. They can not attach to you OR others.

For those of us that are empaths, this work is even more crucial. Through both presence and mindfulness, the pain and negative energy of others can no longer attach to you. If you experience the emotions of others through deep, felt empathy, this must become a constant and unending practice. The negative energy and pain brought to you by others would otherwise invariably deep into your own life.

I love the systems theory of social work, so I’m going to bring it into this concept. We all exist in a series of systems. We have our individual system, family system, community system, human system, environmental system, etc. One single instance of a continuation of pain and negative energy carried on by you will spread throughout your systems, until it meets someone that refuses to allow it to continue. This light worker, instead, chooses to release it and create love and positive energy from that source. Be that person in all of your systems. Be the person that, through presence and mindfulness, takes the pain and negativity brought to them, and turns it into a healing energy.

Pain shows itself differently in different people. No one knows exactly why this is, but there are a myriad of theories available. It could be encoded in our DNA through our genetic history. It could be due to environmental factors. It could simply be how our brain is capable of processing information. It could be all of the above and more, which I am most inclined to believe.

There are themes amongst the human expression of pain, though. Those themes include: repression, chaos, avoidance, and conflict. Most people, when not existing in a state of present mindfulness, choose to express their pain in some form of the above. None of them are productive. All of them increase the persistence and spread of human pain and suffering, thus the crucial importance of gaining the skill of healing the pain in both ourselves and others.

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