What is the Transmutation of Pain?

📿What is the Transmutation of Pain?

Do you hear what your pain is trying to communicate to you? It is there for a reason, so you might as well sit back and listen to it. If you do not take the time to hear it, it is even more likely to persist. This is step number one in the transmutation of pain. We acknowledge it and then ask it what it is trying to teach us. Just by this minimal practice you start to take the energy of pain, and turn it into a catalyst for change. Most pain is experienced when we choose to resist what actually is in either our mind, body, and/or spirit. I can go way deeper into this, but for the sake of brevity, we choose to grow through our struggles.

Pain can be a significant motivator. If you are uncomfortable, then you will most certainly desire to be comfortable. As humans we have a tendency to resist change, so we need pain as the motivator to make the changes that we so deeply need to make. We are in a constantly evolving consciousness. You can resist all you want, but the remainder of the world will continue to move on without you. It is guaranteed, also, that in your resistance, your pain will continue to grow.

There are lots of ways to work with negative energy and pain. Ultimately, you have to find what makes you feel most comfortable. In this book, we discuss how energy work helps release this energy and transform it into something both positive and beautiful.

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