Who Am I?

🙏So, who am I and what am I about? My own healing journey is what has brought me to this very moment. It has had its own wealth of ups and downs, but I can say with absolute confidence that I have reached this point from a diligent search for healing all of my own wounds.

I grew up in a relatively impoverished home, but despite my parents’ own struggles along their personal journeys, we were loved very much. Unfortunately, as is with the case of many, that love came with it’s own fair share of unconscious toxicity. This toxicity really manifested in my teenage life when I began to be able to make independent decisions. Obviously they weren’t self healing, but self sabotaging in many of the ways I had been taught. I gave birth to my first child just a few months past my 18th birthday. I married my son’s father the following month. We went on to separate a short few months later.

This was my first realization that I was, indeed, also broken. I found myself as still a teenager, a Freshman in college, making minimum wage, and also a single mother. My quest for healing began in a diligent search for answers to release myself from my own emotional pain. My previous conceived life path was quickly abandoned, and I went on to complete my Bachelor of Social Work. I wanted to help others step more fully into their healing. While working as a full time social worker, I continued my journey by completing my Master of Social Worker. I worked as a Certified Social Worker with the state of Kentucky for many years in a community mental health center.

I absolutely loved my work, but quickly noticed that it was such a singular aspect that was being healed through clinical therapy and pharmaceutical approaches to mental health. When we moved to Tennessee, I took time to step more fully into motherhood, by giving birth to my second son. I had every intention of returning to work after his first year, but the Universe had other plans.

He was very physically ill. He had extreme reactions to the standard childhood vaccines, resulting in lethargy, high fever, and being covered with hives for sometimes weeks following a vaccination. This illness also manifested as a significant food allergy. He was highly allergic to peanuts, dairy, eggs, and soy. We saw some of the top doctors in the area, and they were unable to provide relief from the histamine reactions he was having.

So, I dove deep into the art of holistic healing, desperate to heal my son from his suffering. We did several deep cleansing nutritional protocols including: Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Body Ecology Diet, Candida Cleanse, Paleo, Primal, and Weston A. Price. Through years of gut healing protocols, my son can now eat ALL of his allergens without a histamine response. We no longer have to carry an epi-pen with us at all times. (However, I do keep my homeopathic remedy kit with me, just in case!)

These diets spiked my own curiosity regarding my own personal healing. I had taken Prozac since becoming a single mother, and never considered going off of it until my son had his struggles with MTHFR, vaccines, and allergic/histamine reactions. After doing the research, I questioned whether my son’s health struggles were the result of me taking an SSRI throughout my pregnancy.

I did all of the cleanses alongside of him so that I would be fully present and immersed in his healing process with him. Gut and Psychology Syndrome claims to heal most mental health diagnoses. When we began considering having another child, I chose to taper off of my medication in order to avoid a continuation of illness in my third child. This lasted about 6 months, and ended in near tragedy due to the unraveling of my own mental health.

I have Major Depressive Disorder with Psychosis for my Western medicine clinical diagnosis. I entered into a state of psychosis and was unable to release it from my identity. Eventually I entered into a constant state of reactivity. After a series of unfortunate events, my husband insisted that I return to my medication for the well being of myself and my family. I readily agreed.

I became even more acutely aware of my need for constant and continuous growth in healing. I went on to pursue my level 1 certification as a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. The studies conducted on how this regular practice impacts your mental health are incredible. I was immediately intrigued and jumped right in. It is an arduous year long training. I did it throughout my entire pregnancy with my third son. I woke every morning, during the “Amrit Vela” before sunrise to do my practice. The difference in his personality compared to his two brothers is palpable.

This undoubtedly was healing. My pregnancy and birth were both beautiful and peaceful. However, once baby arrived, I was no longer capable of doing an early morning spiritual practice for hours. My conditioned declined alongside the decline in my daily practice. I still very much look forward to the day that my children are older and I am able to do extended and uninterrupted practices. Until then, I lucked upon my current studies: homeopathy.

And so my continual path towards both whole and healed continues. I always welcome the lessons that life gives me so that I may learn more deeply and practice more effectively. I appreciate you for also being a part of my journey. I hope that this helps you in your journey in some way also.

I would welcome being able to work with you one on one to help you grow both more deeply and more rapidly in your healing.

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