Emotional Energy Healing

I want to thank you all for your continued support. I am currently working on creating an e-book as a free gift to those that work with me in a one on one setting and/or sign up for my newsletter.

I am also going to post pieces here as they are completed so that I can get continuous feedback.

I appreciate any and all questions, comments, and feedback! Thank you!

🙏Table of Contents🙏


▪️What is the Purpose of Suffering?

▪️What is the Transmutation of Pain?

▪️What are the Consequences of Not Choosing Presence or Mindfulness?





▪️What are Some Different Types of Energy Work?


– Empathic Listening


– Hypnosis

– Imago

– Nonviolent Communication


– Physical

– Emotional


– Physical

– Emotional


– Constitutional Care

– Acute Care


🌱Yoga & Meditation

– Mantra/Kirtan

– White Tantric

– Chakras

– Ayurveda


🌱Body Work

– Massage

– Reflexology

– Chiropractic Care

▪️What Does Emotional Energy Healing Look Like?


– Epigenetics

– Law of Attractiom

– Enlightenment

▪️Healing Yourself, Heals Others

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